Drone Photography Consulting

Want to buy a Drone - UAV - Flying Camera? and you don't know where to start? If you are looking for the best drone for your needs and budget, then you have come to the right person, with over 5 years experience work commercialy in this fast growing business. Need help in obtaining CASA approval, getting an "ARN Number" and "Public Liability insurance". Knowing the laws so you fly safe and you look after this great industry aerial Photography Video.

Dji Drone UAV Consulting Services:

for the Real Estate agency, Mining, Property Developers, Building & Construction industry and all others wanting to get into the drone Industry, learn too fly their own drone for Drone Aerial Photography & Video.

We run consultancy workshops for Real Estate agencies, Mining, Developers, Building, Construction industry and 2D and 3D mapping surveying. We offer help to buy and setup your Drone/UAV and teach you and your staff how to fly safely.

Consultancy Prices:

One on One Drone Information Sessions
- Gaining CASA approval to fly commercial.
- Learn how to fly Sessions.
- Learn how to update you Drone UAV.
- Setup the drone camera settings.
- Take better photos & video.
- And most of all learn safe flying practices and the things the will interfere with your Drone UAV.

= $150 per hour plus GST - minimum 2 hour sessions.

* For all other services please contact us for a quote.

1. We suggest the right Drone UAV for your Real Estate Business.

2. We setup the drone UAV ready for you to Fly and take photos and videos.

3. We run 4 hour workshop to train up to 3 staff members how to safely fly the drone UAV. We estimate you will need 2 to 4 of these workshop to fly with confidence.

Contact us for a quote.

Real Estate Agents we have set up.

1. Tea Gardens Real Estate Tea Gardens NSW Australia.

2. Sheargold Group Brookvale NSW Australia.

Helpful Links and Videos for our Students.

*once you start your training you will receive a password to the below link.

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