Drone Photography Mapping Survey Newcastle 2 and 3D

For Drone aerial photography mapping surveying, drones are perfect. Repeatable, accurate flight makes a drone the ideal flight platform for near-ground mapping. The combination of today's high resolution cameras and inexpensive flying devices enables mapping at levels of detail never before imagined.


* For multiple hours or day rate discounts apply, please contact us for quote.
* You receive all original images included on a USB or a link to your finished product.

Data Collection

2D and 3D Aerial Photography (12 MP = 4000x3000) and resolution of the maps is usually 3cm per pixel which is enough to see a tennis ball, if required we can provide higher resolutions, with our dedicated Dji Phantom 3 Professional we fly the 2D or 3D mapping Survey mission and you build a model using our imagery and Maps Made Easy.

2D and 3D imagery is a two part process, Drone Guy fly the mission and hand the photos for processing the 2D or 3D image to you spec, the reason for this is so you control the output process and get what you are after at a budget.
*or if required we can process the data.

If you have a large project or lots of project and want to keep the full process in house, we can sell you the drone and train you on how to fly and stay safe.

Need a 2D or 3D model of your:

Construction Site, Development, Subdivision, Property, Block of Land, Real Estate, Sporting field, Venue, Camp Ground, Caravan Park, Resort, Road Works, House, building, Landscape, structor etc..


For processing 2D photos we recommend you use "Mapping Made Easy" software

2D photography mapping are normally straight forward fly overs, fly the grid and you have you mapped photo.

Stitched Imagery - Georeferenced w/Camera GPS - Georeferenced w/Basemap - Georeferenced w/Manual GCPs

Data Collection

2D photography mapping survey software


For processing 3D photos we recommend you use "Maps Made Easy" software

The 3D model below was a straight over fly, if you wanted to fill in the gaps I would of had to fly the drone all around the building, 3D photography mapping takes a lot more flying time.

3D photography mapping survey software