About Us

Aerial Photo and Video Services We Provide

- Advertising
- Events
- Weddings
- Construction
- Inspection
- Real Estate
- Action/Sport
- Newspaper/magazine
- Website/Multimedia
- Television

* Hire out Services, we also hire our services out to other production company, i.e. Drone Pilot plus both Drones and Cameras, on site at an hourly or day rate. Shoot Video to your direction, and then hand you the the SD card for your use.

Aerial photography Video is a business owned and operated by Stephen Wark

Aerial Photography Video provides photo / Images for advertising, Events, Weddings, Construction, Inspections, Real Estate, Action Shots, Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, multimedia, television Photography and Video. All our images are photos taken by our experienced professional photographers.

Every job is different, every client is unique. We therefore propose you call us or sit down and lay out a plan. This plan will reflect the preferred style and look you want to achieve.

A safe flight is priority number one. Our drones have built-in safety systems, this way we can anticipate instantly on any unforeseen events during the flight. Before we take off, we always do a series of safety checks, this assures us that the drones are at all times a 100% safe.